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Linear Park

Cheshire Land Trust
Preserving Land as a Living Resource Since 1969

Wetlands Preservation

Cheshire is replete with small watercourses, rivers and expansive wetland areas. Development can place these vulnerable areas in jeopardy. A CLT strategy has been to identify and acquire when possible, threatened wetlands. The town has been supportive by enforcing wetland and river corridor protection measures. Several properties have been acquired by CLT and others by the town since the 1970's to enhance wetland protection.

Willow Brook

Willow Brook Preserve



Is this an Eagle or some of nature's remarkable handiwork with a decaying tree? See for yourself at the Cran Memorial property along the linear path. (April 2012)

Wetland Systems Preservation

Locations: West side greenway - Linear Park corridor - east side greenway.

Acquisitions: 1970 - 2005
Town of Cheshire, State of Connecticut, Cheshire Land Trust

Acreage: 353 acres

Current Use: Habitat protection, watershed protection.

Public Access: Varies by property but as a rule access is limited.

Wetland Systems : Several streams transport water from Prospect Ridge to wetlands that form at the base of these ridges. The streams connect wetlands and ponds and eventually form the head waters of Mill River in south Cheshire. This river system meanders south to Lake Whitney, an important reservoir in Hamden and finally reaches New Haven Harbor at the confluence of the Quinnipiac; a major river that originates in New Britain, CT and flows south through Cheshire's east side wetland system.

The abundant streams flowing off Prospect Ridge gave rise to the Farmington Canal's location in Cheshire. The Canal extended from Northampton, MA to the important harbor at New Haven. The short lived canal relied upon the seasonal ebbs and flows of small streams and rivers which proved to be a costly problem. The canal was replaced by a railroad that followed the canal's footprint.

The wetlands and streams along the canal line provide valuable habitat areas and passive recreation opportunities. In 1992 the town acquired the B&M railroad ROW and created the Linear Park. The three mile section in south Cheshire features the Lock 12 Museum & historic lock and brownstone arched bridge. The area is enhansed by the diversity of wetland flora and fauna supported by Willow Brook, a stream that eventually joins the Mill River. The paved path is one of the town's most heavily used parks yet the tiny sliver of land consumed by the path has virtually no impact on the wetland habitat that has thrived there for decades.

Land Trust Wetland Properties

Linear Park - 16 Acres

  1. Brooksvale Preserve - 7.6 acres
  2. Tow Path Acres - 1.6 acres
  3. Bert Cran Memorial - 6.8 acres

Mill River - 72.8 acres

  1. Fresh Meadows - 32.8 acres
  2. Brooke Preserve - 40 acres

Quinnipiac River - 188.5 acres

  1. Mortensen Sanctuary- 8.4 acres (easement)
  2. Seely Acres - 3 acres
  3. Pelz Farm - 13.1 acres
  4. Ives Farm - 164 acres

Ten Mile River - 25.3 acres

  1. Judd Brook Preserve - 13.4 acres (Cheshire Industrial Park)
  2. Ten Mile Preserve - 11.9 acres (Cheshire Industrial Park)

Other - 50.8 acres - These properties contain wetlands near residential subdivisions

  1. Strathmore - 6.8 acres
  2. Sharon Drive - 8.9 acres
  3. Briar Court - 8.8 acres
  4. Willow Brook - 8.5 acres
  5. Woodhaven - 5.7 acres
  6. Sylvan Lane - 5.5 acres
  7. Salvatore Memorial - 3.2 acres
  8. Doede Estate - 3.4 acres

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