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Lock 12

Lock 12 - February 2005

Icey Tree

White Oak at Lassen Farm

Cheshire Land Trust
Preserving Land as a Living Resource Since 1969

   Townwide Open Space Areas

Cheshire has 1,300 acres of town-owned open space properties acquired over the past 25 years. The Cheshire Land Trust has an additional 582 acres of property , comprised of 28 properties and 6 properties with conservations restrictions. The town has a considerable amount of undeveloped land found predominently in the western and eastern greenbelts that border the town.

Click on the map for a downloadable PDF copy for easier viewing. CLT properties are named.

OpenSpace Map2016


Cheshire has been a leader in publicly funded open space acquisition. Support for the land trust complements the overall objective of preserving the town's character and identity. The map shows town, state, water company, private areas including farmland and Cheshire Land Trust properties. Many of the town owned land includes public parks, schools, ball fields and recreation areas. A central greenway, known as the Farmington Canal Linear Park, has been established by the town. (Note picture of Lock 12) It follows seven miles of former New Haven RR and the 19th century canal line that proceeded it. This greenway extends into Hamden and New Haven has northerly sections being developed in Southington. Cheshire's section is slated for completion by 2018.

State land includes the properties occupied by the prison system as well as state forest. Publicly owned property on the west side of Cheshire is part of the Prospect Ridge preservation corridor which is a combination of state, town and land trust holdings. The east side greenway is populated by several agricultural and forested properties owned by the town ,open space acquired by the land trust and expansive water company reservoir land owned by the city of Meriden.

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