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The Quinnipiac meanders along the western boundary of Ives Farm

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The Face of Ives Farm

Acquired in August 2006, historic Ives Farm is a magnificent property that has for generations endeared its neighbors with it pastoral beauty and rural simplicity. Many of the images of Ives Farm shown here are out of view to most of us.

Hanging Hills

Hubbard Park's Castle Craig as seen from Ives Farm

Ives Farm is currently managed by T&D Growers of Cheshire. T&D Growers is operated by Joe and Michael Arisco. The father and son enterprise has been operating in Cheshire for many years. Much of the produce grown at Ives is sold to grocery wholesalers including Bozzuto's of Cheshire. The Ives farm stand offers produce grown on the farm from mid summer to late fall.

The variety of crops includes corn, many varieties of peppers, eggplant, tomatoes pumpkins and strawberries.


Solitary Horse - October 2006



Cord Wood

Cord Wood - December 2007

East Side Hay Field

Ives Farm - June 2006

Hay Barn - June 2006

Fresh Snow Cover - December 2007

Canada Geese take flight at Ives - November 2006--

Managing the corn crop

Protecting the Harvest 2011

Harvesting Peppers 2011

Harvesting Peppers Summer 2011

Landmark Windmill - October 2006

Ives-Pelz Farm fly over taken August 18, 2007 by Ev Cassagneres - Bluebird Aerial Photography. Note the corn maze - lower right corner of photo.

Wind Mill - December 2007

--Ives Farm - as seen from fields east and west of Cheshire Street (Top image November 2006... Lower June 2006 )------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


------------------------ Ives homestead and barns as seen from Cheshire St. - June 2006




CLT members Kevin Wetmore, Larry Pivirotto & Ev Cassagneres

walk the Ives woods - November 2006


Ives Homestead and Barns as seen from forested east side. - November 2006


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