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Ives Farm Upland

Trail Map Ives Farm Woodland (East side) - Trails at Ives are used by permission

Ives - Pelz Farm Complex

CLT's Ives and Pelz farm complex (177 acres) appear in these aerial images as an oasis amidst the orderly placement of some of Cheshire's finer subdivisions. Other nearby agricultural properties (Manke & Papandrea) persist. The photos were taken March 21, 2007 by Ev Cassagneres-Bluebird Aerial Photography.

Under a cover of a six inch snowfall, aerial photographer Ev Cassagneres captures details of Ives and Pelz farms rarely seen by many of us.

Ives Farm 1,500" Mar 2007

Ives / Pelz Farm Complex

The Quinnipiac meanders along the western boundaries of Ives & Pelz Farm. Cheshire Street bisects the Ives Farm property. The east side is buttressed north and south by subdivisions. East Johnson Avenue intersects Cheshire St. at top of photo.

West side - Ives Farm. Pelz left side of photo contains a farm pond - alt. 3,000' - Mar. 2007

Ives Farm Complex - alt. 3,500' - Mar. 2007

This photo was taken as the plane approached the property east to west. The corridor at the bottom of the photo is a power line ROW that is within the eastern boundary of the farm. This picture reveals the great extent of forest thriving on the property. The six snow covered fields comprise the 177 acre Ives & Pelz agricultural complex. The river defines the western boundaries and subdivisions more or less detail the eastern, northern and southern boundaries.

CLT's Agricultural Oasis - alt. 3,000' - Mar. 2007

Ives Farm - top of photo - Pelz Farm at bottom of this photo. Tree line at top of the Pelz farm pond marks its southern boundary with Ives Farm - alt. 2,500' - Mar. 2007

CLT's Ives & Pelz Farm Complex - Manke-Papandrea Farms - alt. 3,000' - Mar. 2007

Cheshire's Agricultural northeast side corner - alt. 3,500' - Mar. 2007

West side - Ives Farm. Pelz at top of photo contains a farm pond - alt. 2,500' - Mar. 2007


































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