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Bob Giddings

Bob Giddings works the wood lot.

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   Giddings Farm

The land trust was approached by Anne and Bob Giddings in 1995 for the purpose of preserving their farm. To them it made sense to preserve the fundamental character of their land as it has remained for generations. They shared a reverence for their property and were inspired by the recent conservation restrictions negotiated by the trust, Jean McKee and Betty Lewis Lewis on their South Brooksvale farm property.

This became a model to follow as the process for preserving their farm unfolded several years later. In December of 2003 the process was completed ensuring that the rural, scenic, agricultural and ecological characteristics of the property would be preserved for the benefit of future generations.

Anne Giddings, a longtime friend to conservation and to Cheshire's well being in general died in April 2011 from injuries she sustained in a car accident as she was returning to her home from a Cheshire Town Council meeting. Our community lost a wonderful leader and friend.


Giddings Farm

915 Boulder Road

Noteworthy: Borders Boulder Knoll, the 150-acre town owned Lassen, Blauvelt and Jackman Farms - all part of the east side greenbelt.

Public Access: None - this is a private property with easement protections.


Bob and Anne Giddings acquired their 19-acre property in 1974. Bob Giddings, now retired, was a well-known and respected veterinarian with a specialty in birds of prey. For much of his early career he was the local vet that tended to their pet's health needs. Anne Giddings is an educator and was prominent locally in her work with the girl scouts. She was a CLT director in the 1980's. They raised two children in this quiet southeast corner of Cheshire alongside working farms.

The Giddings are refreshingly self reliant. Despite busy careers they have worked their land and reaped its rewards. Nothing is ever wasted. They maintain a large garden for themselves, a wood lot for their home heating needs and lease the rest of the land to neighboring farmers.

In the early fall of 2003 the real planning and survey work began. It was determined that approximately 16 acres would be subject to restrictions but it would be granted in two phases. The 2003 restriction protects 8.2 acres. The second phase comprising eight acres that includes a field and deep cut basalt gorge was granted November 2006.


Anne & Bob Giddings

Bob Giddings August 2011

Bob Giddings tending the farm 2011

Bob and Anne Giddings completed the process of placing most of their farm acreage under easement protections. Eight acres were added November 2006 to the previous easement granted to CLT in 2003 increasing the total to 16 acres. The farm is actively managed by the Giddings. It is strategically important in the Trust's goals of preserving Cheshire farms. In addition to tending to his own farm, Bob Giddings has become active in "Friends of Boulder Knoll", a group of concerned citizens interested in restoring farming to nearby Town-owned Boulder Knoll Farm.


Snow covered fields

The Giddings property is basically rolling fields bordered by heaps of stones and barbed wire fences laid out by farmers. In contrast, the portion along the Wallingford line contains a deep ravine some seventy feet deep cut by a roiling stream that joins the Mill River. This alone makes the property’s preservation priceless.

Deep Gorge

Deep gorge defines east side boundary of Giddings Farm - October 2003

Spring Explodes

Giddings Farm - May 2004

The Cheshire Land Trust applauds the Giddings for their actions to insure the longterm conservation of their land. CLT has pledged to defend the agreement in perpetuity.

Flower Power

Flower Power - July 2007 - Photos by Richard Lau

Lassen Farm

Boulder Knoll - Lassen Farm - as seen from Giddings property

Boulder Knoll Farm




The Giddings garden patch along Boulder Rd.- May 2004

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